Corporate influence is undermining our democracy

When #OurDemocracy is fair, all of us can thrive.

The #OurDemocracy campaign is a nationwide movement of people and organisations who want a healthy Australian democracy that works for all of us, not just the powerful few.

AEC data shows major parties received nearly $50M in dark money last financial year

Annual political donation disclosures released by the Australian Electoral Commission show that political parties continue to receive tens of millions of dollars of ‘dark money’ – showing a serious lack of integrity and transparency in our political system.

Webinar: Shining a light on political lobbying

At this webinar, guest speaker Dr Monique Ryan, member for Kooyong, shares her insights about political lobbying, where the current rules fall short, and the opportunities we have to fix the political lobbying system.

Email Prime Minister Albanese about electoral reform

We expect the Albanese Government to propose legislation early next year to change the way elections are funded and run. By emailing the Prime Minister today we can remind him that we all expect him pass legislation to have improved transparency and truth in political advertising in place before the next election.

Here’s how we win:

We need to reset the rules of our democracy so it will work better for all of us.

Through significant legislative reform and the building of a powerful movement of concerned Australians, we’ll show that our democracy must put people first, not corporate profits.

The Framework

Our Framework for a Fair Democracy outlines a series of common sense, comprehensive reforms that would break the cycle of corporate donations and cosy relationships with our elected representatives.

People Power

Together, we will take action demanding political support for the Framework for a Fair Democracy, creating a political problem for any party, MP or candidate that does the wrong thing.

Expose the Problem

Sunshine is the best disinfectant. We’ll expose all the ways in which our political leaders are selling us out, and hold those who do the wrong thing to account, and we are going to remind them that they work for us, their voters.