About #OurDemocracy

The #OurDemocracy campaign is a collaborative campaign developed with input from individuals and organisations across Australia.

The campaign was developed by three organisations – the Australian Conservation Foundation, the Human Rights Law Centre and the Australian Democracy Network, together with the input of over 30 more. These core organisations continue to develop the solutions and work on the campaign, but just as our democracy belongs to all Australians, the #OurDemocracy campaign is a movement of people and organisations passionate about making our democracy fairer for all. 

The Framework for a Fair Democracy has been endorsed by organisations that work right across the spectrum of important issues–from environmental organisations, human rights advocates, health groups to churches– with each taking action to see it become law.

Whether you’re a million-dollar organisation, a local community group, or an individual, if you, like us, are passionate about protecting our democracy, we encourage you to pick up the Framework and the #OurDemocracy campaign materials and champion them in your community.
The following organisations have endorsed the Framework for a Fair Democracy

Our vision is for a political system where our elected representatives reflect the values and concerns of our communities, decision making is balanced and fair, and people and the planet are at the heart of every decision.

Unfortunately, this is often not the way Australian politics goes. Weak laws allow powerful industries and lobby groups to exploit democratic processes for their own financial gain. And, even when exposed, there are rarely consequences for corrupt and unethical behaviour.

The Framework draws on international best practice to outline essential measures to reduce corporate influence and restore balance in our politics.

It has been developed through significant consultation with leading expert advisors, academics and organisations working on integrity issues, and is part of a growing campaign of people demanding greater integrity in our democracy.

Check out the Framework and a list of endorsing organisations.

First Nations Justice and #OurDemocracy

At #OurDemocracy, we recognise that we cannot achieve a healthy democracy until we have justice, rightful recognition and genuine reconciliation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.  First Nations Peoples of Australia. 

The #OurDemocracy campaign acknowledges that Australian democracy is a political system that was imposed upon First Nations People and is a part of our colonial legacy. We recognise that historically, Australian democracy explicitly excluded First Nations Peoples from holding the same rights as white settlers.  Our political system has been built on racist foundations and continues to systematically deny justice for First Nations Peoples. 

Further, we acknowledge that many First Nations Peoples recognise and practice traditional systems of authority and lore, and we respect their leadership and right to self-determination. We also recognise that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people were the first campaigners for equality and human rights in this country, and we have much to learn from their experiences and perspectives. 

The organisations that lead #OurDemocracy recognise that racism and colonialism are everywhere, every day, and First Nations Peoples are disproportionately impacted by issues of corporate influence and corruption in our politics.  #OurDemocracy is committed to a process of continuous reflection to ensure First Nations justice is prioritised and anti-racism principles are embedded in our work. 

This is not a destination, but an ongoing process — we’ll keep this page updated as we go.