We’re not alone in our work to make our democracy work for all of us. Below is a list of resources from other organisations that you can use to get informed, and get involved.

We collaborate with organisations to produce videos and informative resources like this. Get in touch if you’d like to work with us to tell the story of why a healthy democracy is crucial for your cause.

“Voices” grassroots groups

Across Australia, communities are coming together to organise the “Voice” of their electorate. This Wikipedia page is an up-to-date list of all these groups. test

Participatory Democracy

Active Democracy Australia is supporting people to create or join electorate action groups and host kitchen table conversations to strengthen democracy and representation.

How does your MP vote on issues that matter to you?

This excellent, open-source resource helps you quickly get a sense of how your MP votes on issues in Parliament. A great resource for preparing for a meeting with your MP.

Fossil Fuel Money Distorting Democracy

A deep dive by ACF into how the fossil fuel industry uses its wealth to distort democracy away from the public interest, and towards their private profits.

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