#ourdemocraCy Deep Dives

Deep Dives are regular webinars to unpack reforms and issues in our campaign and create a space for our community to connect with each other and democracy experts.

6. Shining a light on political lobbying

At this webinar, guest speaker Dr Monique Ryan, member for Kooyong, shares her insights about political lobbying, where the current rules fall short, and the opportunities we have to fix the political lobbying system.

The webinar is co-hosted by the Australian Democracy Network, Transparency International Australia, Human Rights Law Centre and Uniting Church Synod of Vic & Tas.

5. Ending Cash for Access

In our fifth Deep Dives webinar, we delved into one of the key reform areas from our policy Framework – the need to claw back the runaway funding and spending in Australia’s elections.

Our two guest speakers, Jason Ward (Centre for International Corporate Tax Accountability & Research) and Meg Webb (Independent MP for Nelson, Tasmania), shared compelling examples of where they have witnessed corporate money distorting democracy throughout their careers.

4. Lobbying Unmasked

On our fourth Deep Dives webinar, we were joined by Rex Patrick (Transparency Warrior, former SA Senator) and David Mejia-Canales (Senior Lawyer at the Human Rights Law Centre) to dive into lobbying.

These experts unpacked the different types of lobbying, the lack of transparency and regulation around lobbying, #OurDemocracy’s lobbying reform platform, and how we can be better advocates for the issues we care about.

3. Living Democracy

On our third Deep Dives webinar, we were joined by environmentalist, community builder, musician and author Tim Hollo.

We dived into the themes of his new book Living Democracy; exploring the ways that we can build a living, participatory democracy in our everyday lives.

2. Organising for Change

On our second Deep Dives webinar, we were joined by experienced organisers in the democracy space Cristine Wood (Co-Director at Declaration For American Democracy), Dr Sophie Scamps (First Independent for Mackellar) and Anyo Geddes (Co-Founder of Voices for Mackellar, Founder of Mackellar Rising).

We dived into how to connect with others to build a movement – one powerful enough to elect Mackellar’s first ever Independent, what crucial role people power plays in creating change, as well as how to engage with those we don’t see eye to eye with.

1. Interrogating Integrity

On our first Deep Dives webinar, we invited special guests A J Brown (Professor of Public Policy and Law and Transparency International board member), Anthony Whealy QC (Former NSW Supreme Court judge and Chair of the Centre for Public Integrity) and Alyssa Shaw (Campaigns Manager at Fair Agenda).

These integrity experts unpacked the first two proposals in our Framework: a federal integrity commission and a code of conduct for politicians.