call on your mp to take action

Corporate influence continues to undermine our democracy. A good democracy needs strong laws to protect our community from being exploited by powerful industries.

  • 40% of money given to the major parties was hidden as ‘dark money’
  • Campaign spending for the Federal Election remained at record high levels, reaching $439.4million
  • The fossil fuel industry gave $2.4million combined to the Labor Party and Coalition 
  • Professional lobbyist firms gave just over $1 million, a clear example of cash for access
  • The gambling and alcohol lobbies increased their giving by 40% from last year, with total donations of $2.16 million

The Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters is currently considering what recommendations it will make to reform our campaign finance rules before the next election.

Use our handy tool to email your MP and Senators and ask them to include these reforms in the recommendations, to stop the influence of big money in our democracy.

By speaking up together, we can show that the community expects better from our political system – and we want change now.

We’ve prepared a template you can use, but personal emails are the most powerful.

You can have maximum impact and get your MP’s attention by:

  • Adding a little introduction at the beginning of the email, sharing who you are (eg the area you live in, your connection to the local community etc).
  • Explaining why this issue is important to you – why were you moved to write an email?
  • If you know your representative or party have a position on political donations, refer to that – thank them for previous leadership or make it clear you expect them to do better.

If you get a response back from your MP, we’d love to hear about it. You can forward responses to info@australiandemocracy.org.au.

Thank you for speaking up for a healthy democracy.