Petition – End Cash for access

Corporate capture is undermining our democracy.

Harmful industries like fossil fuels and gambling spend millions of dollars campaigning against common sense reforms that protect our communities and our planet.

These industries donate to major parties to insure themselves against regulation and spend billions hiring lobbyists to gain access to politicians. The revolving door of influence means that Ministers and their staff walk out of parliament and straight into cushy industry roles.

Corporate capture means our democracy isn’t delivering for us. Too often, decisions are made that benefit profit margins over community wellbeing.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. We are calling for new rules that will reset our democracy and put the interests of people, the planet and future generations back at the heart of government decision-making.

Join us in calling on Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, Special Minister of State Don Farrell, and Attorney General Mark Dreyfus to reform lobbying, political donation and electoral spending laws – to build a healthy Australian democracy which works for all of us, not just for the powerful few.

To Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, Special Minister of State Don Farrell, and Attorney General Mark Dreyfus.

We call on you to pass legislation in this term of government that will build a fair democracy by:

  • Banning big political donations and ending donation secrecy
  • Stopping ministers moving into industry jobs
  • Limiting electoral spending by parties and corporations
  • Making lobbying transparent
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