#OurDemocracy Framework outlines a set of policy reforms to level the playing field so that politics is fair for everyone. But this isn’t going to change on its own – political leaders and corporate powers won’t stop doing business this way unless we stop them. 

That’s why we need to build a movement right across the country, of people who want our democracy to put people first – not corporate profits.

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Sign our petition: overhaul our dodgy lobbying laws

Weak federal lobbying laws need a significant overhaul. Join us in calling on the government to commit to substantial reforms to make the system more transparent and fair.

Email Prime Minister Albanese about electoral reform

We expect the Albanese Government to propose legislation to change the way elections are funded and run. By emailing Prime Minister Albanese today we can remind him that we all expect him pass legislation to have improved transparency and truth in political advertising in place before the next election.

Sign our petition: End Cash for Access

Join us in calling on our leaders to reform lobbying, political donation and electoral spending laws – to build a healthy Australian democracy which works for all of us, not just for the powerful few.

Endorse our Framework for a Fair Democracy

Our Framework sets out the changes we need to make our political system fairer. Add your name to call for stronger integrity laws!