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#OurDemocracy Framework outlines a set of policy reforms to level the playing field so that politics is fair for everyone. But this isn’t going to change on its own – political leaders and corporate powers won’t stop doing business this way unless we stop them. 

That’s why we need to build a movement right across the country, of people who want our democracy to put people first – not corporate profits.

No politician wants to look bad in an election year, so this is the perfect time to ratchet up the pressure for stronger integrity standards for our political leaders. They work for us, and they need our votes to keep their jobs. Together we can let them know that if they want to represent us, they’ll need to lift their game.

Share the National Integrity Survey results with candidates

The National Integrity survey showed overwhelming support for integrity reform amongst respondents. Use our email tool to share the survey results with your MP and the candidates vying for your vote, and to ask them: where do you stand on integrity reform?

Join our National Integrity Policy Forum

Integrity and the influence of big money in Australian politics is shaping up to be a huge issue in the upcoming election – Here’s your chance to learn exactly where the parties and candidates stand on key integrity issues.

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Call on your MP to disclose their campaign donations

Use our simple email tool to ask your MP if they’ll publish the list of people funding their re-election campaign, and support strong laws governing all political donations.

Petition candidates to end cash for access

Add your name to call for banning large donations altogether and declaring all donations over $2,500 in real-time.

Take action to demand a strong Integrity Commission

After more than 2 years and numerous scandals, we still don’t have a corruption watchdog with teeth. It’s time to hold the government to account.

Sign the Petition to Endorse our Framework for a Fair Democracy

Our Framework sets out the changes we need to make our political system are fairer. Add your name to call for stronger integrity laws!

Make democracy a Big Deal

This powerful new film is now available on ABC iview. Watch the film, and see how you can organise a watch party with friends and family to spread the word.

Write to your MP

Writing a personal letter to your elected representative asking for their support for the Framework for a fair democracy is simple and powerful.