Call on your MP to disclose donations

Weak disclosure regulations mean that we won’t find out who has donated to which politicians election fighting fund until February 2023.

Our Framework for a Fair Democracy calls for reforms including a cap on political donations, real-time disclosure, and an end to large anonymous donations.

Where does your MP stand on these reforms? Will they commit to disclose donations to their campaign before election day?

Use our simple tool to email your MP asking them to answer these questions and together, we can start to build community pressure for strong donation laws.

This action is now complete. Thank you for calling for transparency ahead of the 2022 election.

Email tips

We’ve prepared a template you can use, but the most powerful emails are personal. Get your MP’s attention by:

  • Explaining why you are concerned about political donations 
  • Sharing a little about yourself, like the suburb you live in or your connection to the local community
  • If you know your local MP has said something, or nothing about political donations in the past, refer to that

If you hear back from your MP, we’d love to know about it!