End cash for access

Add your name to call for banning large donations altogether and declaring all donations over $2,500 in real-time.

This action has now passed.

Sign the Petition to end dark money and big donations 

Every year on 1 February, the electoral commission releases details of the previous financial year’s political donations. Some of the donations were made over 18 months before we hear about it. This year’s release shows, once again, huge sums of private money flowing to political party coffers – with fossil fuel companies, the gambling industry and the pharmaceutical industry all giving millions.

What’s more, 37% of donations are anonymous “dark money”, meaning we don’t even know who it came from.

We have a right to know who is trying to influence politicians to make decisions that will maximise private profits, often at the expense of the public good. In an election year, real-time donation disclosure is more important than ever.  

We won’t know who is bankrolling the 2022 election, but we demand to know what every candidate seeking election is going to do to end dark money and large corporate donations.

Cash for access and influence to politicians distorts #OurDemocracy.