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Our Framework for a Fair Democracy describes that key changes we need to make so that the rules that govern our political system are fairer.

But we know that this won’t change on it’s own. That’s why we need to build a movement right across the country, of people who want our democracy to put people first – not corporate profits.

Add your name to call for stronger integrity laws and make #OurDemocracy work for all of us.

If you represent an organisation who would like to join the campaign, endorse the petition at this link.

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We care about #OurDemocracy and want a healthy Australian democracy that puts people and planet first. Our elected representatives work for all of us, not powerful corporations. We call on the Australian Parliament to enact the reforms in the Framework for a Fair Democracy to raise the standards of political integrity and level the playing field in our elections, making our democracy work better for all.

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