The National Integrity Survey

With a federal election approaching, we have an opportunity to reveal the gap between the strong democracy Australians want, and the policies candidates are putting to voters.

#OurDemocracy supporters across the country are conducting a national integrity survey to gather the communities attitudes on political donations, corruption and transparency in politics.  

Australians from all walks of life support popular reforms like capping political donations and establishing a strong federal integrity commission, and this survey will show just how many of us want decision makers to act on those reforms now.

The results will create big media moments and give electorate-based evidence to pressure MPs and candidates from all parties to reveal exactly where they stand on integrity issues, and what they’ll do to ensure a fair democracy where everyone’s voice is heard.

The survey results will be more powerful if as many people in different communities share their views as possible – that’s where you come in! Everyone who cares about our democracy being fair and thriving has a big part to play by helping to survey their community. 

Complete the form to get involved in distributing the National Integrity Survey. Whether you want to take action alone, or be connected with others in your community, we’ll be in touch soon. 

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