The results from Australia’s biggest-ever integrity survey go live


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The #OurDemocracy campaign has released the results of a significant survey of the Australian community, with 10,375 Australians from every Federal electorate sharing their views on key reforms to improve the integrity of Australian democracy. The community-run survey found that a Federal Integrity Commission, political donations reform and laws requiring truth in political advertising all attracted more than 95% support.

A federal Integrity commission has long been promised but never delivered. This survey found that 96.7% of Australians surveyed agree or strongly agree that the Government should establish a federal corruption watchdog. 

“Whoever forms government after the election will have a strong mandate to make a robust, federal integrity commission a legislative priority,” said Saffron Zomer, Executive Director, of the Australian Democracy Network.

Australians also want transparency on who is donating to political parties (98.5% agree or strongly agree) and which professional lobbyists they’re meeting with (96.1% agree or strongly agree). 

“Australians know that for as long as political donations and professional lobbying are kept secret, we can’t be sure that politicians are representing us, not big industry,” said Alice Drury, Senior Lawyer at the Human Rights Law Centre.

The survey also found that 98.1% of Australians surveyed agree or strongly agree that we should have truth in political advertising laws to stop politicians and campaigners from knowingly lying to voters in elections. 

“In an age of disinformation Australians expect our politicians to tell the truth – which should serve as a warning to any politician or party contemplating misleading campaigns during the election,” said Saffron Zomer

“Gathering the results of this survey has been a huge community engagement exercise in itself, with hundreds of community members letterboxing, talking to fellow residents in town centres, and engaging their neighbours in what they want to see to improve Australian Democracy,” said Jolene Elberth, Democracy Campaigner, Australian Conservation Foundation

The full survey report is available at www.ourdemocracy.com.au/survey

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