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inquiry into access to Australian parliament house by lobbyists

Lobbying – making representations directly to politicians and government representatives outside of a formal process – is a legitimate activity that can have a positive impact on our democracy.

However, in Australia, influential and well-funded business entities are using professional lobbying to exert disproportionate influence over policy decisions, pushing for them to align with their own goals rather than the broader public interest.

Stronger regulations on professional lobbying need to be introduced and enforced to make our democracy more transparent and fair.

A Senate inquiry is currently investigating access to Australian Parliament House by lobbyists and is accepting public submissions until February 9. Let’s demonstrate that the community cares about fixing our broken lobbying laws by making submissions that call for:

  • Transparency over who meets with decision makers – Expanding the lobbying register to capture all professional lobbyists and regular publishing of Ministerial diaries
  • Closing the revolving door – Enforcing a three-year waiting period so decision makers and their staff can’t walk straight into jobs as lobbyists