SNAP BRIEFING: How proposed changes to electoral laws could get big money out of politics

The government has just released a set of draft recommendations for changes to federal election laws.

If done well, these changes could go a long way to getting big money out of politics. The #OurDemocracy campaign broadly welcomes the recommendations including that:

  • Secret political donations should be banned
  • There should be a limit on how much anyone can donate to politicians
  • Sensible spending caps should ensure no one voice can dominate an election
  • Politicians should not be able to lie in their advertising

However – The devil will be in the detail, and we’re very concerned about the risk that the proposals as they stand could supress community voices at election time. 

Join this webinar to hear more about the proposed changes and how we can work together to make sure any new laws will work towards making our democracy truly fair and open.


  • Date: Monday June 26, 2023
  • Time: 7.30-8.30pm AEST (That’s 7pm Central and 5.30 in the West)
  • Location: Online on Zoom – RSVP for the link to join

This event has passed. You can catch up on the recording below.

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