Share the National Integrity Survey results with the candidates vying for your vote

The #OurDemocracy National Integrity Survey results are in and they paint a clear picture: there is widespread support for reforms to control the influence of big money and lobbying in our political system.

On May 21 the federal election will be held – between now and then is a time when all candidates and sitting MPs are finely tuned to what voters want.  Now is our chance to show them just how popular political integrity reform is with people in their constituencies.

Use our email tool to share these powerful results with your MP and the candidates vying for your vote, and to ask them: where do you stand on integrity reform?

The tool will email your current MP if they’re sitting for re-election as well as all the candidates we could find contact details for that are running in your seat. Once you add your address you’ll see the list of candidates available and can personalise where the email goes if you’d like to.

Looking for the survey results? Click here!

Email tips

We’ve prepared a template you can use, but the most powerful emails are personal. Get your MP’s attention by:

  • Explaining why you are interested in the survey results and any particular area of integrity reform that’s important to you
  • Sharing a little about yourself, like the suburb you live in or your connection to the local community
  • If you already know your local MP has stronger or weaker policies on integrity issues, congratulate or call them out – this election, all candidates should have a clear plan for a fairer democracy

If you hear back from your MP, we’d love to know about it!

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