Email your MP for a Fair Democracy

We know what needs to be done to ensure #ourdemocracy works for all of us, but your politician may not – yet! 

The next month is critical because politicians are listening to their electorates, trying to gauge what might become an election issue when one is called – which could be this year. 

Emailing your local federal elected representative now is the first step towards putting pressure on politicians to commit to the reforms we’ve set out in the Framework for a Fair Democracy

This action has passed.

Every politician needs to tell us their position on making democracy work for all of us

Corporate influence is undermining our democracy. Corruption, cash for access to our elected representatives and misleading election advertising are preventing progress on issues that matter to all of us.

The #OurDemocracy campaign brings together people and organisations from across Australia to advocate for stronger laws through our Framework for a Fair Democracy to ensure #OurDemocracy works for all of us.