Dirty Donations Distort Our Democracy

Our elected officials are meant to represent us. But too often, it’s major industries with deep pockets who are setting the policy agenda in Australia.

Corporate capture – when powerful corporations can influence our political system to get outcomes that put their profits before our wellbeing – is undermining our democracy. 

Right now, there are no rules that stop huge donations to political parties. Corporations use big donations to get greater access to our elected representatives, which over time develops into influence. 

Last year, the major parties raked in over $125m in donations and other private funding. However, because of Australia’s weak financial disclosure laws, over $68m was dark money, meaning we don’t know the source. 

We don’t know who’s bankrolling this election and that’s bad for our democracy.

#OurDemocracy is a nation-wide movement of people and organisations who want a healthy Australian democracy which works for all of us, not just for the powerful few. We bring together policy expertise and advocacy skills so that, together, we can change the laws to ban corporate influence from our political system.

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This year, we’ve surveyed over 10,000 Australians and found that integrity reform is overwhelmingly popular. We’ve also collected the policy positions of parties and candidates running across the country so that you can make an informed choice on May 21. Find out more by following the buttons below.

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