#OurDemocracy Deep DiVEs


This webinar has completed. You can view a recording here

Join us on April 19 for our next Democracy Deep Dives webinar: Lobbying Unmasked – where we’ll lift the veil on the political lobbying industry and share common-sense reforms to improve public trust in policy and decision-making. 


  • Rex Patrick (Transparency Warrior, former SA Senator)
  • David Mejia-Canales (Senior Lawyer at the Human Rights Law Centre)


  • Date: Wednesday 19 April 2023
  • Time: 7:30 – 8:30pm AEST (That’s 3:30pm in WA, 5pm in the NT, 5:30pm in QLD and 6pm in SA)
  • Location: Online on Zoom

This webinar is the fourth in a series we’re hosting: the #OurDemocracy Deep Dives.

This is where we’ll be creating a space for our community to unpack what’s needed to create a fair democracy, connect with each other, and hear from experts.

We want to make sure these webinars answer all your big questions. Share your thoughts when you register.